Word Arsenal 7

Occasionally in this dirty business of war, we must resort to confusion. When the battlefield lies strewn with the corpses of our brothers-in-arms, and the legions of the ignorant continue to advance unimpeded in spite of our superior weaponry, we must slow them and bide time for another assault. That’s where this latest word comes in. Employ this baby when all else fails.

maxresdefaultLike a flash grenade, it will leave them stunned and befuddled. With its sheer redundant complexity in describing something so simple and common, they’ll scratch their heads and tear their hair out wondering why? Why? Why does such a word exist?

I ask you, fellow warriors, why not?

Without any more preamble then, here it goes:


piloerection   (n)

  1. Goose bumps; goose pimples; goose flesh; cutis anserina (also a flash grenade definition in its own right)
  2. The erection of hairs or papillae due to contraction of the tiny arrectores pilorum muscles that elevate the hair follicles above the rest of the skin so they seem to “stand on end”


Let’s try it in a sentence, though even I must admit it would take the touch of a very deft hand to come off as anything but a pretentious boob in employing this doozy…

“This is, I daresay, tcactushe most severe case of piloerection I’ve ever seen; good god, he’s like a cactus, prickly all over!”


Any one want to give it a go?


Any suggestions for the next installment?

For more arrows for your quiver go here and here.

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