Word Arsenal 5

I take no pleasure in delivering this nasty little word to you. Actually it’s not so little – do the Germans have any words under 13 letters? – but it is in rather poor taste. It’s a deviant word, really. Downright sadistic. But war is a messy business, and we can’t stand by watching the other buggers enrich uranium without cooking some up ourselves. Unless they don’t know what they’re doing, of course. In that case it might be fun to watch.

Okay, okay, on with it. Word number 5 is:


schadenfreude  (n)

  1. delight at another’s misfortune



Now, for the sentence. This may be tricky seeing as I have never personally experienced this ignoble sensation… except that one time at an outdoor concert when a guy freaked-out inside a porta-potty (some seriously puissant drugs) and tipped it over, and came out all covered in a bright blue radioactive goo – that was pretty funny.

I’ll give it a go, though – if it’s awful, and I’m booed viciously, at least I can take comfort in the knowledge that some of you will have had a taste of schadenfreude at my expense.


(That was a sneak attack sentence. I’m shifty, you never know when I’ll strike!)


For more word weapons check out a few of the others in this series:  Word Aresenal 1, or Word Arsenal 3.

As always, in order to properly equip yourself for the unending war on soporific prose, take a stab at using this beauty in a sentence below.



  1. It was more than mere schadenfreude, the smile of delight on my face as I watched him suffer from a distance, his entire life crumbling around him; it was satisfaction at knowing that I had, finally, after all these years, perfectly orchestrated revenge for all those wedgies he’d given me as a child.


  2. I prefer my German dictionary’s definition, “malicious pleasure,” and I’m enough of a stickler to take Schadenfreude in reminding you that the word is a noun, and thus must be capitalized, even when used in an English sentence. 😉


  3. As she watched the young, strong hands of the football team smear the soot in the windows of the burning bus, part of her screamed “9-1-1!” — but Schadenfreude won out, and she took a picture on her phone for later, when she was alone in her bed, ready for release.


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