Word Arsenal 2

To Arms!

The second installment in our lexicographical armory comes from fellow blogger and logophile, John Robin, who suggested a few doozies in Word Arsenal 1.  Many thanks John!

One in particular caught my fancy, for its unassuming I’m-not-trying-to-impress-you-ness (is there a word for that?), for the way it sneaks up on you, its shiftiness. It’s a big word in a small package, a dagger of a word, stealthy and sharp – they’ll never see this one coming. 

Without further ado, then:

rondure  (n)

  1. a circle or sphere

  2. a graceful curving or roundness



So, then, a sentence with rondure: (which, it so happens, was already employed in my work-in-progress, so you get a bonus snippet to boot)

Like a giant coconut hung from his chest, the rondure of his venerable venter, his preternatural paunch, was a phenomenon to behold, the masterful lines of its curvature almost Fibonaccian, a prized snail’s shell it was, arcing gracefully from his waist to protrude, at its equator, to more than twice its height, capped by an outward-popped navel.


Anyone else? Let’s see some more knife-fights with this little beauty. Poke us in the eye with it. A kidney shot, maybe.

Any suggestions for the next weapon?



  1. You know, good sir, I just think I have to copy what you’re doing. I’m been a word collector for several years, so it would be fun to share them on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!


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