The Point of this Blog


If you’re like me writing is not a choice.

It is something you must do, a compulsion, as essential to your life and well-being as air, or water, or sex. We’ve all tried holding our breath, or felt the cottony sludge of a parched throat; don’t even tell me you haven’t had a lull in the sack.

So you know, then. You get it. You love books like you love air, and you want desperately to write a few. You’re the one this blog is for. Because I don’t know many people like you, and it’s rough, isn’t it? Plugging away day after day, pale and reclusive, writing like your life depends on it. Because it does, doesn’t it? This thing you have to do, it’s not a hobby, it’s a purpose. You know it, deep down, even if the world doesn’t yet. It keeps you in that chair for thousands of hours with little hope for recompense. It removes you from the ordinary pleasures of the world, this state of constant preoccupation, this hulking beast that must be born or eviscerate you in the process. There is no vacation for a writer.

It’s a mad, twisted calling, torturous and all-consuming, spending years in the creation of a piece of work that may or may not be read. But it may. It just might. They just might love it. But they surely won’t, if you never write the thing. That’s what this blog is about.

That, and some other stuff. Books and whatnot.


  1. I found it much easier to make progress once I read Steven Pressfield’s book Turning Pro – and did. Last Dec. 12. I dunno – I’m also older, and have to take that into consideration in my time use.

    You can always write – but some of the other things in life start vanishing.


  2. Yeh.mi don’t call myself an authorholic for nothing. It is a full on addiction. Like a bad crack habit, only slightly less lucrative! 🙂

    Thank you for following my blog.




  3. You put it out there so well…this compulsion to write. I get depressed and cranky when the words won’t flow, but when they do–WHEN THEY DO–there is no greater high in the world. It’s almost like drug.


  4. I loved this “about blog” page so much I just have to “follow.” Your opinions on why we write I’ve said a thousand times. And you know what– that’s why we’ll make it! You, me, and anyone else that feels this way. Thanks for visiting my blog and following.


  5. thanks for reading my blog. It gives me a boost . I love to write, just sometimes I don’t have much to say/share. BUT I always have a lot of good ideas, just haven’t been following through because I am a procrastinator!! not proud of that. and I am always busy doing something……


  6. So I currently work full time and sometimes I call in sick just to stay home and write. It’s like you said with holding your breath… if I feel I haven’t written enough, I HAVE to do it… just to survive. This is a great post but the one thing that stood out to me more than anything: “There is no vacation for a writer.” I mean, you can’t take a vacation from who you are, can you?



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