Word Arsenal 6

Ladies and gentlemen, round six is upon us! There’s been a lull in the fighting of late, and the enemy has grown complacent. Across the field, beyond the bloated corpses of the fallen, we can see the lambent light of fires hovering over their trenches, hear the singing and laughter of their soldiers. They mock us. They think our words incapable of harming them, of breaching their redoubt of ignorance. ww1-trench

What better time, then, to strike? Hit them while they tip their cups and make merry, I say, and hit them hard. We’ll need a word to get us there, a word to conceal and enshroud our combatants, to carry us over the bloodied field and into their midst undetected.

I have just the word:


tenebrous  (adj)

  1. dark or shadowy
  2. gloomy
  3. obscure; hard to understand


Let’s see how the story ends with a sentence:

We advance in the tenebrous murk, our weapons held tight and our heads held low, stepping our way over the fetid bodies and through the grass toward the lights of their fires; they do not hear or see us until we are upon them, muzzles flashing, and their songs turn to screams, and their fires spark as bodies fall upon them, and then all is quiet and utterly dark.

Anyone else have a sentence they want to share?  Any suggestions for future words? Leave them in the comments below.

For previous episodes go here and here.

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