Word Arsenal 4

It’s round four in the word war – time to break out the big guns. It’s all about superior firepoAnimals-Squirrels-Bazooka-485x728wer in this installment. Feeling like that first guy who brought a gun to a sword fight, or a cannon to a castle wall. This word is like having a bazooka on your shoulder when the savages are charging on horseback. You feel pretty good about your chances, I think, calm, unperturbed by the wild ululations of the painted-faced hordes. You watch with mild amusement, disdain, even, as they raise their spears and shake fists at you, and then… fwoosh! Splat. Horse bits raining down, a fine red mist in the air.

That’s what this word is all about:

puissant  (adj)

  1. powerful; mighty; potent


A sentence, then. I’ll throw in the weapon from Word Arsenal 1 too, and make it a double. (Repetition, people, that’s how we keep these things in our cache)

It was an unholy brew, a puissant, tongue-numbing devil’s drink; god it was strong, just one drought each left us crapulous and wishing we were dead come morning.

Anyone else itching to pull the trigger on this one? Or any suggestions for the next installment? Fire away. It’ll make you feel puissant, I promise.



  1. I think I may have correctly used the current, and each of the three past, words in a single sentence:

    The greasy rondure of her habit-garbed form, achieved by crapulous abandon at the dinner table, made the puissant youth yearn for her in a way only explained by the concupiscence of his age and relative inexperience.


  2. Using them all in one sentence was a personal challenge that I had to take. I’m looking forward to Word Arsenal 5!


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