Word Arsenal 3

It’s time to fight dirty. No, we’re not going to sucker-punch or pull the proverbial hockey-jersey over anyone’s head. Nothing like that. This will be much more fun. More arousing.


We all need a word or two like this in our arsenal: a word to tickle our tongues, to savor; a quadrisyllabic, orgasmic firecracker of a word; a word so fun to say it’s banned in 43 States.

Enough foreplay? Very well, then:

concupiscent  (adj)

  1. filled with sexual desire; lustful; amorous

  2. characterized by illicit desire or appetite; sensual; libidinous


Such a word seems best employed in dialog, I think, to get a proper taste. So here it goes:


“She’s a concupiscent minx, I tell you, and I’m through with her — done! — I can’t take it anymore, watching her carry on like that… it’s improper, it’s a damned disgrace is what it is, she’ll ruin me… but oh! she does get my blood up.” 

Anyone else want give this one a go? Take her for a whirl?
As always, suggestions for the next weapon are welcome.  Or take a gander at Word Arsenal 1 or Word Arsenal 2 for more punch in your prose.




  1. Believe it or not, this was a word I learned not too long ago during my undergraduate studies in philosophy.

    It doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun to say!

    So, *ahem*.

    He directed his concupiscent gaze towards the wispy cotton-covered landscape of her heaving bosom, muttering under his heated breath about complicated bodices and quite impossible paperback-cover poses….

    How’s that? ;-D


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