Word Arsenal 1

Vocabulary is the writer’s sword. Interesting words, when employed properly, arm our prose with creative expression. But like any weapon they should not be wielded without practice, without a measure of competence, as they can just as easily cleave a sentence and leave it bleeding on the page. download

In the Word Arsenal section the goal is to seize new arms, and make them yours. You only retain new words through repetition, through looking them up and using them in a sentence of your own.

Here’s the first wpic-3550441223682478208eapon:

crapulous (adj)

  1. marked by intemperance especially in eating or drinking
  2. sick from excessive indulgence in liquor


This should be an easy one, as I have some experience in these matters:

He was a crapulous fellow, always into the cups, growing more boisterous and gregarious by the drink.


Let’s hear your sentence in the comments, so this one stays in our arsenal.

Suggestions for future Word Arsenal features are also welcome – have you learned a good one lately that you’re dying to share? Seriously, I love words. Don’t hold back.



  1. Words are wonderful, each one full of stories. Some of my favorites (just a few): febrile, twitchel, doula, rondure, gabardine, abatis, proscenium, ruana, and wappenschawing.

    If any of those intrigue you, I hope you have as much fun learning about them as I did.


  2. I couldn’t write without my hard edition of Roget’s Thesaurus. I’ve added tabs so I can get to some sections fast. I’ve also found a couple sites with idioms and phrases used in the period of my historical novel, and I own a Webster’s Dictionary and a Describer’s Dictionary. Can’t have too many word resources. You might check out word wizard Arthur Plotnik for new ways to describe things. That man has a way with words you wouldn’t believe! Check out his latest: http://www.freshsuperlatives.com/Home_Page.php


  3. This is a great idea. For a long time, I was signed up for several Word of the Day newsletters, but never could get the words to stick in my brain. Word Arsenal is just the ticket. Mind if I snatch the idea for my own blog? I’ll be sure to link back.


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